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This is a blog detailing the daily struggles of having a child with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. My son is 1 of 2 surviving triplets. My son and his identical twin brother Logan who passed away at 6.5 months old had Twin to Twin Transfusion before they were born. They were delivered at 28 weeks to try and save all 3 of their lives. I have a hard time connecting with other parents raising children with severe disabilities so, I thought I would branch away from my other blog to blog just about my son and his special needs in hope of reaching out and supporting other moms dealing with similar issues.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Arnold Palmer Hospital

We finally got out of recovery and up to a room around 11am. His legs still feel pretty tight...hopefully it will improve. I was expecting to see more range. It is still an effort to bend his legs and pull them. I know the botox will take longer to work, but I was told the phenol would be right away. Only difference I see is in his arms. He is letting them hang and not keeping them against his body. His legs are still in a semi bent position even when laying instead of laying flat, but they say not to stretch him for 3 days. He has a barking cough from being intubated and I think that is causing him some discomfort. I got the results from the endoscopy. He says the esophagus and duodenum (1st part of the small intestine)  were normal. There was some patchy inflammation (gastritis) on the inside of the stomach, but no signs of damage or ulcers. They took biopsies. He finally woke up around 2pm today. He is sucking on his pacifier and watching TV now. The Ph probe will come out tomorrow morning, then they will do a gastric emptying study. After that is complete we can go home. So, we expect to be out of here tomorrow afternoon.

The bottom picture is some of the images from the endoscopy. I think seeing the inside part of the g-tube is pretty neat.

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