Our Little Jacob

This is a blog detailing the daily struggles of having a child with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. My son is 1 of 2 surviving triplets. My son and his identical twin brother Logan who passed away at 6.5 months old had Twin to Twin Transfusion before they were born. They were delivered at 28 weeks to try and save all 3 of their lives. I have a hard time connecting with other parents raising children with severe disabilities so, I thought I would branch away from my other blog to blog just about my son and his special needs in hope of reaching out and supporting other moms dealing with similar issues.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moving about

Jacob was sitting in this chair. I turned my back to change his sisters diaper and he managed to wiggle himself into this postition. He was kicking his legs making the chair rock laughing. I may let him do this more often lol. Jacob had phenol and botox on May 2nd and he goes again tomorrow less than 5 months later for another round. He is not near as tight as he was before, but within another month or 2 he would have been. We are also having some issues with getting his formula provided, but I will post about it when I'm not on my cell phone.

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