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This is a blog detailing the daily struggles of having a child with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. My son is 1 of 2 surviving triplets. My son and his identical twin brother Logan who passed away at 6.5 months old had Twin to Twin Transfusion before they were born. They were delivered at 28 weeks to try and save all 3 of their lives. I have a hard time connecting with other parents raising children with severe disabilities so, I thought I would branch away from my other blog to blog just about my son and his special needs in hope of reaching out and supporting other moms dealing with similar issues.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nissen Fundoplication

Way behind on posting! Jacob had his Nissen Fundoplication done on July 5th. He did WONDERFUL. He went back around 7:30 am and did not get out of recovery and into his room until around 12:30. The 1st days was the worst. He was crying a lot and was not allowed to eat. We think he was having some withdrawals from being off a few of his medications that could not be given IV. They gave Valium to help with that. Day 2 he was back to his normal self for the most part. He did not require anymore pain meds by day 3 and we left the hospital on day 5. He still has his gaging and dry heaving episodes, but NO VOMIT! He is already gaining weight. He is 30lbs now! This big boy will be 3 years old tomorrow (July 18th) Jacob seen the nurse practitioner today and they released him to go back to normal Jacob activities including full baths. :-)
Day of surgery just out of recovery

Day 2 watching TV

Day 2 He earned diaper hand after knocking his IV out. Smiling for Mickey Mouse Club House now
The day we left he hospital. We switched the long tube back out to his AMT Mini One

Riding home from the hospital
I've been a little crafty lately. We made a new head rest for Jacob's Seat2Go with the help of Jack's aunt. She has co workers the work metal.  I also made him and a friend a weighted blanket. These are his birthday gifts and of course he will get another Mickey Mouse DVD
The head rest that was custom made for us

The new improved head rest in Mickey Fabric and the old one is the blue 1 above it He was constantly getting his head around the old one

The weighted blanket I made Jacob

The weighted blanket I made for a friend

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